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Advent of Code day 2.1

Published 6 months ago by rainfordr with tags adventOfCode
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route = ["forward 8","forward 3","forward 8","down 6","forward 3","up 6","down 3","down 8","down 5","down 1","down 4","up 4","forward 7","forward 7","down 8","forward 8","forward 2","forward 4","forward 6","down 2","forward 1","down 2","down 6","up 4","forward 4","forward 4","down 1","down 1","forward 8","down 9","forward 4","down 4","forward 9","down 9","forward 7","forward 4","forward 4","down 7","forward 9","up 5","forward 7","forward 4","up 5","up 6","down 9","forward 3","forward 3","forward 5","up 3","forward 8","down 9","forward 3","forward 5","down 2","forward 7","forward 8","forward 8","up 3","down 9","forward 2","forward 5","forward 4","up 1","down 3","forward 7","forward 4","up 3","down 8","up 8","forward 7","forward 7","down 2","down 7","forward 3","forward 1","down 7","down 4","down 9","forward 5","down 9","up 8","down 9","down 7","forward 2","down 5","down 6","forward 3","forward 2","forward 3","forward 2","down 4","up 1","forward 6","down 2","forward 2","down 5","up 1","up 8","forward 5","forward 6","up 8","down 4","forward 4","down 3","forward 5","forward 5","forward 8","forward 3","up 1","down 9","up 4","up 5","down 3","down 9","up 6","down 1","down 2","down 3","down 6","up 5","forward 9","forward 6","forward 6","forward 4","forward 7","up 6","down 2","down 9","down 9","forward 4","down 9","forward 2","down 4","down 8","down 3","up 1","down 2","down 7","down 1","down 5","up 5","forward 3","forward 2","down 2","up 4","up 9","forward 5","up 9","down 9","forward 1","down 4","forward 6","down 2","forward 7","forward 2","down 6","forward 9","down 9","down 8","forward 7","down 3","down 3","down 5","forward 5","up 9","up 5","down 1","forward 9","down 3","down 6","forward 3","up 4","up 1","down 3","down 1","up 6","forward 4","up 4","forward 5","down 3","down 5","forward 4","down 1","up 6","down 5","forward 1","forward 6","down 5","forward 1","forward 4","forward 2","down 1","down 3","down 9","down 9","down 8","forward 4","down 5","forward 6","up 6","down 3","forward 1","down 9","forward 4","down 2","up 5","down 4","forward 1","forward 2","down 6","forward 3","down 9","forward 6","forward 1","forward 7","up 1","up 7","up 2","forward 4","up 3","down 4","up 1","down 3","forward 1","down 5","up 6","forward 6","forward 6","up 3","up 2","down 8","down 2","down 2","down 7","forward 8","up 2","up 2","up 5","down 6","up 3","down 9","forward 7","down 7","forward 8","forward 2","forward 5","up 5","up 1","forward 5","up 2","up 3","up 2","up 3","down 3","down 2","forward 1","up 1","down 4","up 8","forward 5","down 9","forward 8","up 1","forward 7","forward 7","up 7","up 6","up 6","down 5","down 3","up 4","up 1","down 9","down 9","forward 4","down 7","forward 2","forward 8","forward 1","down 9","forward 2","forward 5","up 5","down 5","down 6","forward 1","down 4","forward 9","up 3","down 4","forward 7","forward 1","forward 3","forward 6","down 1","forward 3","up 5","up 6","down 3","forward 5","forward 8","forward 4","down 9","forward 2","forward 4","down 8","forward 6","down 7","up 7","forward 1","down 8","forward 5","forward 7","up 3","forward 7","forward 2","up 5","forward 3","down 4","up 5","down 6","up 6","forward 6","up 1","up 7","up 8","forward 4","down 6","down 8","up 8","down 2","forward 3","forward 9","down 9","down 6","down 2","up 4","forward 5","forward 6","forward 5","down 5","forward 5","down 2","down 9","down 3","down 4","forward 2","forward 7","down 7","down 2","down 4","down 8","up 6","down 7","forward 2","up 6","forward 6","down 4","up 8","forward 1","up 2","forward 6","forward 7","down 2","down 4","down 3","down 2","forward 5","down 4","forward 6","forward 6","down 8","forward 7","forward 1","forward 1","forward 4","forward 7","forward 8","down 2","forward 9","up 7","forward 1","down 1","forward 2","forward 2","up 4","forward 3","down 1","down 4","down 3","forward 8","forward 8","forward 9","forward 4","down 6","up 6","up 7","up 7","down 1","up 1","up 9","up 7","down 9","forward 4","up 8","down 5","up 3","down 2","forward 4","forward 6","up 7","up 2","down 5","down 3","down 9","forward 1","down 1","down 6","down 3","forward 9","down 3","up 6","up 4","up 6","down 6","up 7","down 5","up 4","up 3","up 3","up 2","forward 1","forward 5","forward 8","down 2","up 9","forward 6","forward 8","up 3","down 3","forward 7","forward 4","down 7","up 2","down 1","down 5","forward 8","down 6","down 2","down 9","down 5","up 7","up 5","forward 7","down 8","down 5","forward 7","up 5","up 1","down 4","forward 1","up 3","forward 7","forward 9","down 7","forward 4","down 9","down 2","up 2","forward 2","down 6","forward 3","down 5","up 8","forward 5","up 5","forward 1","down 4","forward 7","down 8","forward 7","up 2","forward 1","forward 2","down 7","forward 7","forward 5","up 3","down 8","forward 8","up 6","up 2","forward 9","down 7","up 6","down 1","up 5","forward 4","forward 9","forward 6","forward 3","forward 3","forward 1","forward 8","down 6","forward 3","up 2","up 6","down 3","down 7","forward 5","down 2","up 9","up 3","down 1","down 3","up 7","up 5","down 6","down 5","up 2","down 1","down 2","forward 1","down 1","forward 1","down 1","up 5","up 4","forward 1","down 7","forward 4","down 6","forward 2","forward 1","forward 4","forward 9","down 7","forward 7","down 7","down 5","forward 7","forward 3","forward 8","up 4","forward 9","down 1","down 9","forward 3","down 7","forward 1","forward 8","up 7","forward 5","down 8","forward 3","forward 6","forward 6","up 5","forward 7","up 3","down 9","forward 4","forward 4","forward 1","down 2","down 9","forward 8","forward 8","down 9","forward 5","up 4","down 6","forward 3","up 4","down 5","down 2","down 3","down 2","up 1","up 9","up 3","forward 5","forward 7","down 1","down 5","up 1","forward 8","down 5","forward 8","forward 8","down 2","forward 2","forward 7","forward 3","forward 6","up 9","down 3","forward 7","down 5","forward 3","up 1","down 3","down 9","forward 5","forward 5","up 5","down 3","down 3","up 1","forward 6","up 1","up 6","forward 5","down 3","down 9","forward 1","down 5","up 5","down 7","down 7","down 6","down 2","up 7","down 3","forward 2","up 6","down 2","forward 6","forward 9","down 6","down 4","down 5","down 7","forward 9","up 2","down 2","down 4","forward 4","down 9","forward 3","forward 8","forward 6","up 5","down 2","down 7","forward 7","up 6","down 4","up 8","forward 2","down 8","forward 7","up 8","up 5","up 8","down 1","forward 4","forward 7","down 5","forward 1","forward 5","down 9","down 6","up 8","up 5","down 7","down 4","forward 4","forward 2","forward 4","down 1","up 4","down 5","down 4","up 5","forward 2","up 3","down 9","down 1","down 4","up 1","up 7","down 5","forward 9","down 5","down 7","down 2","down 8","forward 7","down 5","down 6","forward 3","down 8","down 5","down 9","up 6","up 2","down 9","down 6","down 7","forward 8","down 8","forward 4","up 8","forward 3","down 2","up 2","forward 4","down 9","down 2","up 6","down 4","forward 6","down 7","forward 5","forward 4","down 3","up 6","forward 7","forward 1","up 6","down 6","forward 5","forward 3","down 8","up 8","up 8","forward 5","forward 1","up 1","forward 3","up 6","forward 2","down 8","forward 8","up 8","forward 1","forward 6","forward 8","up 7","up 3","forward 8","forward 5","down 4","down 4","forward 8","up 1","forward 5","down 9","forward 2","down 2","down 3","forward 1","down 2","up 3","down 1","up 1","up 1","forward 8","forward 5","forward 2","up 1","down 9","up 7","down 1","forward 9","up 4","forward 5","forward 5","forward 8","down 1","forward 3","forward 4","forward 8","up 2","forward 5","down 8","forward 5","up 7","forward 3","forward 2","forward 3","up 7","up 4","up 9","forward 7","forward 1","up 6","up 5","down 8","forward 3","down 5","forward 7","forward 3","up 9","forward 9","forward 7","up 2","down 7","forward 4","down 9","up 8","up 3","down 4","down 1","forward 4","up 3","down 6","down 2","forward 8","up 1","forward 5","up 7","down 5","forward 9","forward 6","forward 9","down 3","up 8","forward 6","forward 4","forward 2","forward 2","down 8","up 5","down 4","down 6","forward 3","forward 6","forward 1","forward 3","down 8","down 5","up 3","down 1","down 7","forward 8","forward 1","down 6","down 9","forward 2","up 5","down 6","up 6","down 5","down 8","forward 1","down 3","forward 1","forward 8","forward 2","down 4","forward 1","down 6","down 6","forward 3","up 7","forward 5","up 1","up 4","forward 7","forward 1","down 5","forward 2","down 1","forward 4","forward 2","forward 5","up 2","up 1","forward 2","down 4","down 5","forward 6","forward 1","down 7","down 6","down 2","forward 5","forward 6","up 8","up 6","forward 2","forward 6","down 9","down 4","forward 1","down 3","down 1","up 4","down 8","forward 3","down 5","up 4","down 5","up 3","down 1","down 1","down 9","forward 8","up 8","down 2","forward 9","down 8","down 4","up 4","up 9","up 4","forward 8","forward 9","forward 3","forward 2","down 2","forward 5","down 6","down 2","down 9","forward 3","up 4","forward 8","up 9","forward 2","forward 1","down 3","up 1","up 7","down 3","up 2","down 2","up 2","forward 4","down 7","forward 2","forward 4","forward 3","down 6","forward 4","down 3","forward 2","down 1","up 4","down 8","up 3","forward 4","up 6","forward 5","forward 3","forward 1","up 2","forward 4","forward 7","down 3","forward 9","up 7","down 9","forward 2","forward 4","down 9","down 1","up 3","forward 2","forward 7","down 7","forward 9","forward 5","forward 7","forward 2","forward 3","forward 4","forward 5","forward 6","down 1","forward 8","down 4","down 6","up 8","up 5","forward 5","down 9","down 2","down 2","forward 7","forward 8","up 8","down 4","up 5","forward 1","down 5","forward 3","up 3","down 6","forward 5","up 3","up 5","forward 4","forward 2","up 6","down 9","forward 7"]

def allUp = route.findAll({it.startsWith("up")}).collect({Integer.parseInt(it.substring(it.length()-1))}).sum()
def allDown = route.findAll({it.startsWith("down")}).collect({Integer.parseInt(it.substring(it.length()-1))}).sum()
def horizontal = route.findAll({it.startsWith("forward")}).collect({Integer.parseInt(it.substring(it.length()-1))}).sum()

def depth = allDown - allUp

horizontal * depth