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update xml attribute (via #groovywebconsole)
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update xml attribute

Published 1 year ago by nmrao with tags update xml
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def xml = """<project name='Common'>
  <service name='name' pattern='something' isReliable='maybe'>
    <receiver name='name' isUsingTwoWaySsl='maybe' isWsRmDisabled='maybe' 
      <endpoint name='local_tst01' type='123'>URL1</endpoint>
      <endpoint name='local_tst02' type='xyz'>URL2</endpoint>
      <endpoint name='local_tst03'>URL3</endpoint>
      <environment name='dev' default='local_dev' />
      <environment name='tst01' default='test' />
      <environment name='tst02' default='local_tst02' />
    <operation name='name'>
      <attribute name='operation' type='String'>name</attribute>

//Set your endpoint name attribute value and new endpoint url in a map
//This would be flexible to have the respective url
def endpointBinding = ['local_tst01': '', 'local_tst02': '', 'local_tst03': '']
def typeBinding = ['local_tst01': 'type01', 'local_tst02': 'type02', 'local_tst03': 'type03']
pXml = new XmlSlurper().parseText(xml)
//update endpoint value
endpointBinding.collect { k, v -> pXml.'**'.find{ == 'endpoint' && it.@name == k }.replaceBody(v)}

//update type
typeBinding.collect { k, v -> pXml.'**'.find{ == 'endpoint' && it.attributes().get('type') && it.@name == k }?.@type = v}	

println groovy.xml.XmlUtil.serialize( pXml )