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EmpresaBeanUtil (via #groovywebconsole)
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Published 9 months ago by Ulisses
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class Bean {
   def cnpjCliente
   def cnpjRequisitante

class PedidoProgramacao {
   def cliente
   def requisitante

class EmpresaQuery {
  public findByCnpj(def cnpj) {
    if('111'== cnpj) return 'Login'
    if('222' == cnpj) return 'OWSE'
    return 'Empresa not found'

class EmpresaBeanUtil {
   public void defineEmpresa(Bean bean, PedidoProgramacao pedidoProgramacao, String tipoCliente) {
      EmpresaQuery eQuery = new EmpresaQuery()
      pedidoProgramacao."${tipoCliente}" = eQuery.findByCnpj(bean."cnpj${tipoCliente.capitalize()}")

Bean myBean = new Bean()
myBean.cnpjCliente = '111'
myBean.cnpjRequisitante = '222'

PedidoProgramacao myPP = new PedidoProgramacao()

EmpresaBeanUtil eBeanUtil = new EmpresaBeanUtil()

eBeanUtil.defineEmpresa(myBean, myPP, 'cliente')
println myPP.cliente

eBeanUtil.defineEmpresa(myBean, myPP, 'requisitante')
println myPP.requisitante