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TypeCheck sanity check (via #groovywebconsole)
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TypeCheck sanity check

Published 1 year ago by Jim L with tags TypeCheck strong typing
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import groovy.transform.TypeChecked;
def h = new Hello();;

class Hello {
   def run(){
      Set<String> stringSet = methodString()
      stringSet = methodString2()
      Set<Integer> integerSet = methodInteger()
      integerSet = methodInteger2()
      println(integerSet)   }

   private Set<String> methodString() {
      Set<String> stringSet = genericMethod(["one":"A","two":"B","three":"C"])
      return stringSet

   private Set<String> methodString2() {
      Set<String> stringSet = this.<String>genericMethod(["one":"A","two":"B","three":"C"])
      return stringSet

   private Set<Integer> methodInteger() {
      Set<Integer> integerSet = genericMethod([1:"one", 2:"two", 3:"three"])
      return integerSet

//you would think this would fail - scary!  Uncomment @TypeChecked and it does
   private Set<Integer> methodInteger2() {
      Set<Integer> integerSet = genericMethod(["one":"A","two":"2","three":"3"])
      return integerSet

   private <T> Set<T> genericMethod(Map<T, String> someArg) {
        return someArg.keySet()