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JsonBuilder (via #groovywebconsole)
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Published 10 months ago by Suru
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import groovy.json.JsonBuilder
// Example class.
class Villain {
    String animal_name
// A list of Villain objects that needs to transformed
// to a JSON array.
def list = ['The Joker', 'Penguin', 'Catwoman', 'Harley Quinn'].collect { anything-> new Villain(anything) }
// We create a new JsonBuilder and
// use the list of Villain objects
// as argument for the constructor
// to create a root JSON array.
def json1 = new JsonBuilder(list)

assert json1.toString() == '[{"animal_name":"The Joker"},{"animal_name":"Penguin"},{"animal_name":"Catwoman"},{"animal_name":"Harley Quinn"}]'
// Here we use the no-argument constructor
// to create a JsonBuilder.
// Then we use the instance implicit
// method call with the list of Villain
// objects as arguments
def json2 = new JsonBuilder()
assert json2.toString() == '[{"animal_name":"The Joker"},{"animal_name":"Penguin"},{"animal_name":"Catwoman"},{"animal_name":"Harley Quinn"}]'

println json2.toString()