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Billing Test Groovy

Published 1 month ago by Mateo Arroyave with tags Java Groovy Table
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import groovy.json.JsonSlurper
def url_Json = new URL("")
//Getting data from Endpoint
def response = new JsonSlurper().parseText( url_Json.text )  
//Mapping products and orders in differents Lists
def products = response.products
def orders = response.orders
// Print the table header
println "+--------------+--------------+----------------+";
println "|   Products   |    Orders    |     Total      |";
println "+--------------+--------------+----------------+";
//Defining the cell width
def width= 14
//Reading each product and find the orders for it
products.each {product -> 
    def totalOrders = 0
    def totalSpent = 0
//Reading each order to find how many product were ordered 
    orders.each {order ->
        def items = order.items
        items.each {item ->
 //Comparing the item in the order with the product to calculate the totals and the times it was ordered
            if(item.productId.equals( {
                totalSpent = totalSpent + (Double.valueOf(item.quantity) * Double.valueOf(product.price))
//printing the table without the products that wasn't ordered
    print "|"
    print "|"+totalOrders
if(totalOrders != 0) {
    printf('%'+(width)- totalSpent.intValue().toString().length()+'s','$'+ totalSpent.intValue() +",")
    printf('%'+(width+1)+'s','$'+ totalSpent.intValue() +",")
print "|\n"
println "+--------------+--------------+----------------+";