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Published 1 year ago by nmrao with tags xml update
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def students = """<Students>
    <name> st name 1</name>
    <name> st name 2</name>
    <name> st name 3</name>
    <name> st name 4</name>
    <name> st name 5</name>
    <name> st name 6</name>
    <name> st name 7</name>
    <name> st name 8</name>
    <name> st name 9</name>
    <name> st name 10</name>
    <name> st name 11</name>
    <name> st name 12</name>
    <name> st name 13</name>
    <name> st name 14</name>
    <name> st name 15</name>
    <name> st name 16</name>
    <name> st name 17</name>
    <name> st name 18</name>
    <name> st name 19</name>
    <name> st name 20</name>
    <name> st name 21</name>
    <name> st name 22</name>
    <name> st name 23</name>
    <name> st name 24</name>
    <name> st name 25</name>
    <name> st name 26</name>
    <name> st name 27</name>
    <name> st name 28</name>
    <name> st name 29</name>
    <name> st name 30</name>
    <name> st name 31</name>
    <name> st name 32</name>
    <name> st name 33</name>
    <name> st name 34</name>
    <name> st name 35</name>
    <name> st name 36</name>
    <name> st name 37</name>
    <name> st name 38</name>
    <name> st name 39</name>
    <name> st name 40</name>
    <name> st name 41</name>
    <name> st name 42</name>
    <name> st name 43</name>
    <name> st name 44</name>
    <name> st name 45</name>
    <name> st name 46</name>
    <name> st name 47</name>
    <name> st name 48</name>
    <name> st name 49</name>
    <name> st name 50</name>

def teachers = """<Teachers>
    <name> Teacher name 1</name>
    <name> Teacher name 2</name>
    <name> Teacher name 3</name>

def getData  = { xml, elementName ->
    def parseXml = new XmlSlurper().parseText(xml)
    parseXml.'**'.findAll { == elementName }

def teacherNodes = getData( teachers, 'name')
def studentNodes = getData( students, 'name')

def sublist (data, start, end) {
    start == 0 ? data.take(end) : data.drop(start).take(end-start)

def incrementBy = 20
def startStudents = 0
def endStundents = incrementBy 
def builder = new groovy.xml.StreamingMarkupBuilder()
builder.encoding = 'UTF-8'
def xml = builder.bind {
    Assignments {
        teacherNodes.eachWithIndex { teacherNode, index ->            
            Section {
                id (index+1)
                teacher (teacherNode.text())
                studentList {
                    sublist(studentNodes, startStudents, endStundents).each { studentNode ->
                        name (studentNode.text())
            startStudents = endStundents
            endStundents += incrementBy

println groovy.xml.XmlUtil.serialize(xml)