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Process JSON

Published 4 weeks ago by rpnegro
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Script Objective: Get a JSON structure from a web server and parses into a table with these columns: 
- Name of the product
- Number of orders placed for that product
- Total dollars spent on that product across all orders.

JSON Structure:
    "products" : [
        {"id":"xx", "name" : "xx", "price" : "xx"},
        {"id":"xx", "name" : "xx", "price" : "xx"},
    "orders" : [
            "id" : "xx",
            "items" : [
                {"productId" : "xx", "quantity":xx},
                {"productId" : "xx", "quantity":xx}

Assumptions: The JSON is a static structure with no changes during the execution of this script. 
If this condition change, the script needs to be adjusted for data integrity and optimal results.

Considerations: Change the type of JsonSlurper to support fast processing, the recommendation is to use INDEX_OVERLAY 
for JSON buffers under 2MB. for more information. 
Require to import.json.JsonParserType. Check Groovy version for specific API information 
--> println "Groovy version: " + GroovySystem.getVersion()

TODO: In order to make the script less prone to errors, could be convenient to check the response code of the HTTP
request and have the proper error handling

Customer: TailorSoft
Version 0.1
Developer: @rpnegro

import groovy.json.JsonSlurper
import groovy.json.JsonParserType

def url_Json = new URL("")
def slurped = new groovy.json.JsonSlurper(type: JsonParserType.INDEX_OVERLAY)
slurped = new JsonSlurper().parse(url_Json)

// define variables to count orders per product and total amount of sale per product
def countOrders = 0
def sumPriceProduct = 0

The collection "table" holds the extracted information from JSON file and will be printed to the output 
with the format [[id:"x", name:"X", orders:"x", total:"X"],[id:"x", name:"X", orders:"x", total:"X"]] 
althoug the column "id" is not required by the customer, it could help to iterate with the id of the product to extract 
more information
def table = slurped.products.collect { product ->      //iterate over all products 
                    countOrders = 0            //initialize counter per product and total amount during iteration
                    sumPriceProduct = 0        
                    slurped.orders.items.collect { item -> // iterate over orders find the produtts. Colletion like [productId:"x", quantity:"x"]
                        if(item.productId.find { it == } as Boolean){
                            def index = item.productId.indexOf( // Find the position of the product between many items
                            countOrders += 1                  
                            sumPriceProduct += item.quantity[index] * new BigDecimal(product.price)
                    [,, orders:countOrders, total:sumPriceProduct] // Map structure to save in "table"

Once the "table" has the result of the JSON file its time to print the result to the output
println "+--------------+---------+------------+";
println "| Product      |  Orders |      Total |";
println "+--------------+---------+------------+";
table.each { key ->
    println sprintf ('|%1$s |%2$s |%3$s|', 
println "+--------------+---------+------------+";