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If now between start and ende time

Published 5 months ago by Puri
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Date wartungstart=  Date.parse('HH:mm',"8:00")
Date wartungende= Date.parse('HH:mm', "8:30")
Date now = Date.parse('HH:mm', new Date().format("HH:mm"))
print now
print ">" 
print wartungstart
print " &&  <"
println wartungende
println (now.after(wartungstart) && now.before(wartungende))
if (now.after(wartungstart) && now.before(wartungende)) {
    println "delay(30*60)"
    println "login"
    println "X"
    println "suche"
    println "Erweiterte Suche"
println "suche"
println "Loeschen"
println "OK"