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Test 1

Published 3 months ago by Andres Narvaez with tags Tailorsoft
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import groovy.json.JsonSlurper 

def url_Json     = new URL("")
def parse_orders = new JsonSlurper().parse(url_Json) 

* Return total amount of units for a product from all orders.  
* @param id_product The product's id to get all the units from all orders.  
* @param orders_array the orders taken from url_json by the "orders" key . 
* @return Double Total amount of units from all orders for a product .
def Add_orders (id_product, orders_array){
    total_order_product = 0
            if (it.productId == id_product) {total_order_product+=it.quantity}

* Prints each table row with product name, amount of units ordered, orders total price for each product
* @param products_array The products id, name and price  
* @param orders_array The orders taken from url_json by the "orders" key .  
def Display_totals (products_array,orders_array){

    total = (Double.parseDouble(it.price)*Add_orders(, orders_array))

    String format = "%-20s%-10s%s%n"; 
    System.out.printf(format, , Add_orders(, orders_array),total.round(2))
    println "+--------------+---------+------------+";

// Print the table header
println "+--------------+---------+------------+"
println "| Product      |  Orders |      Total |"
println "+--------------+---------+------------+"
//print the table body
Display_totals(parse_orders.products, parse_orders.orders)